About Amanda


I grew up on the West Coast of Canada and now live in the US, waaay up in the NorthWest corner. Some of my favorite things are: a good binge-worthy series, anything SFF, spending time with friends, making new friends, playing board games, lizards, and pizza perogies. I like to get involved in anti-bullying stuff and encourage young people to see each other as human beings and act accordingly. My first novel Little Lacey has an anti-bullying theme–compassion and empathy, even for the antagonists, will often show up in my stories.

Little Known Facts:

Massive Doctor Who fan. Celtic Pagan. Demi-geek. Entrepreneur. Excitable. Talkative. Way too talkative. Love being friendly and social, but social anxiety hangover always follows.

Fav Stories of my Youth: Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Black Stallion, Dragon Riders of Pern, Watership Down. Anything SFF. Especially Epic Fantasy. See my GoodReads list for more.

Why I love Indie Fiction:

I am a dedicated self-publisher. I love being able to share my stories freely and at my own pace. Life is short, gotta move it or lose it.

I love reading fresh new writers with budding talent taking their baby steps. It’s the Voices I love. So many different and unique voices to experience. My writers brain is always on, even when reading, how could I not eat that up!

Lastly, I ADORE all of my readers. I think each and every one of you is UH-MAZING!