Rhianna and the Magic Horse A novel by Amanda June Hagarty

Life on the run isn’t so bad. Just Rhianna and Mom on the open road. No school. No chores. Freedom.

Until, Rhianna’s mom abandons her with a stranger–her grandmother.

Only one thing happens when you stay in place too long. You go crazy. When a horse starts talking to her and fairies start showing up on her windowsill, Rhianna is sure that she is doomed to the same fate as her mother. Until her new friends see them too. Soon she discovers a dark and terrible past that she was never meant to know and will change her life forever.

Follow the adventure on Wattpad. Updates every Sunday. *Getting very close to final chapters now!*

Little Lacey A novel by Amanda June Hagarty

A cursed wishing well.

A girl who isn’t quite human.

Caught being a teenage girl and the animal nature inside her, Lacey runs away and discovers a hidden world where being different is normal. Her new paradise has problems of it’s own. She has stumbled into the middle of a power struggle, and discovers that humans are not the only ones with a capacity for cruelty.

Little Lacey is now a complete work on Wattpad, awaiting a final edit.

Short Fiction

Clean Slate: A Novelette by Amanda June Hagarty

Who is Leland Kelley?

What is he?

The only thing he knows for sure is something waits for him in the darkness.

An 8000 word dark science fiction story. This is a short “origin story” for a character in a book I have in development.

Available on Amazon and other ebook retailers for free.